In a unanimous decision, the 1st Class of the STJ determined (judgment made in11/21/2017 - REsp 1694357) that the ICMS cannot be included in the calculation basis of the Social Security Contribution on Gross Revenue. PGFN still has an appeal. The Contribution was created by Law 12.546 / 11, which established the collection until the end of 2016. The objective was to replace the contribution of 20% on the payroll by a rate of 1% to 4,5% on gross revenue. The gross revenue, calculation basis of the CPRB, is the entry of values that starts to belong to the company, those that integrate the equity of the entity that receives it, being different from a mere entry, as is the case of ICMS. As the National Treasury itself has already recognized the close similarity between CPRB's demand and actions aimed at excluding ICMS from the PIS and Cofins calculation basis, we believe that, judicially, this issue has a probable chance of success


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Know below our lines of services, all compatible with the contract model by success fee:



The Law of Good has been allowing for more than a decade that innovative projects can generate a significant tax economy for real profit companies that finance them. The GT Consultancy is a national reference in the identification of encouraging activities, elaboration of the accounting dossiers, technical and incentive form to the Ministry of Science and Technology.



Brazilian tax laws are notoriously complex. Daily countless standards and obligations are disclosed or altered by bringing the most different impacts in the daily life of the companies, which requires constant monitoring and alertness as to the changes promoted. Failure to observe a single change can generate large liabilities or loss of one.



Our performance within the line of funding is full-service and fully guided in success. In addition to working on identifying the most appropriate line, we draw up every financing project, and we make sure that the resource is effectively captured, at which point our consultancy succeeds.



The law of Informatics, is a government program that is expected to expire until 2029, although it is speculate, as an unfolding dispute in the WTO (World Trade Organization) that the programme should be suspended for allegedly discriminating products originated in Other countries. In fact, there are discussions about the reform of the law, however it is a fact that the production of computer and telecommunications equipment becomes highly costly without the effects of the computer law and the possible tax reductions for industries that can Fit the concept of basic productive process.

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Multidimensional BIM methodology (the construction as a living and dynamic organism), new techniques and technologies for construction and management and supervision of works with mobile or sensing tools,... Read more

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In response to an Innovation environment, this sector is continuously working on the development and application of new technologies. ... Read more



396,66 Mi
Incentive mapped in
5 regions
1,84 Mi
Average value
by plea
500 K
Average annual economy
per customer
Average approval
by the government
Investment in innovation
(% w/billing)
in our customers
Assessments History
on subject Customers
the risk
Leader in the segment of
technology, information
and communications
Leader in the segment
Naval, Submarine,
Oil and gas
Leader in the segment of
Insurance, Capitalization
and Welfare
Appropriation of the fiscal asset
only after approval of the
Government and total accounting support
Linking accounts and centers
specific cost of R&D in
ECF (IR Declaration) records
Aid in the rectification of
sequential DCOMPs,
request for restitution, DCTFs



Since the conception of the GT consultancy, with the Association of Young and prominent professionals with robust experience acquired in multinational companies of audit and consultancy, the proposal of our team was to differentiate the standard model of the companies of Consulting in general, without leaving aside its most notable facet: the technical excellence of the professionals. Besides the technical excellence, we base our professional activities on three more pillars, to which we also credit the weight that influences the trust of entrepreneurs and executives contractors in our work.

The GT consultancy operates in partnership with the client from the collection of information, to the conception of an alternative and its implementation in practice, making the report only one step of the scope, except for strictly advisory works. Our professionals are stimulated to the constant search for technical excellence, whether through academic activities, either through the recurrent interaction between the whole team to exchange experiences. In addition to the exchange of experience, we periodically passed the legal and Infra-legais acts with regulatory, fiscal and auditory impact on the different economic segments through our homepage and blog.


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