The success of EMBRAPA in researches applied to nutrients and soil optimization, defensive, process improvement and cycle shortening (planting and harvesting), ... Read more

Minimization of pollution by fossil fuels, hybrid technologies and energy efficiency, self-guided vehicles, human-machine interactivity, safety algorithms interconnected to braking systems,... Read more

The Brazilian food industry is experiencing an era of constant technological improvement. Innovation projects of the most varied scopes, such as new regulations by ANVISA, increase of “shelf life” ... Read more

Companies in this industry are usually dedicated to providing high technology solutions and advanced materials for a variety of industries. Focusing on the production of high technology materials such as fibers, resins and polymers,... Read more

Law 11.196 / 05 (Good Law) inaugurated in Brazil the greatest evolution regarding the fiscal incentive for technological innovations.... Read more

Companies in the distribution, transmission and generation of energy sector must annually apply a minimum percentage of their net operating revenue in the Energy Sector Research and Development Program.... Read more

The metallurgical sector works with the extraction, transformation and application of metallic materials, such as iron, gold, silver and bronze, in addition to working with polymeric, ceramic and composite materials.... Read more

The naval segment is characterized using more efficient methods of construction, studies of new materials to increase the useful life of vessels and the possibility of inserting them for a longer time in more hostile environments without the need for maintenance.... Read more

Multidimensional BIM methodology (the construction as a living and dynamic organism), new techniques and technologies for construction and management and supervision of works with mobile or sensing tools,... Read more

Consumption today is consolidated as one of the main drivers of the economy. The retail industry, therefore, strives to develop tools that meet a population willing to buy everything.... Read more

Regarding the chemical industry, increasing competition in the market requires companies to focus their efforts on the development of new technologies and / or processes focused on the optimization of raw materials... Read more

One of the segments that suffered most from technological innovations was health. From hospitals, clinics and laboratories, ... Read more

Often the definition of technological innovation is narrowly and mistakenly related only to industry when it technologically develops or perfects a product or to the pharmaceutical and chemical industries whose innovation is intrinsic to its nature.... Read more

New drilling techniques that potentiate well productivity, new data-processing techniques (big data or not) from seismic analyzes for pre-operational purposes to monitoring production variables; ... Read more

Internet of Things is the new technological frontier to be transposed, either through the evolution of infrastructure for capturing and transmitting data,... Read more

Mineral research is one of the incentive activities within the Technological Innovation Law. The life cycle of the mines, with special emphasis on FEL 1 and FEL 2,... Read more

In response to an Innovation environment, this sector is continuously working on the development and application of new technologies. ... Read more


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