The success of EMBRAPA in researches applied to nutrients and soil optimization, defensive, process improvement and cycle shortening (planting and harvesting), as well as national and multinational expertise in the genetic improvement of grains, seedlings, cutting races; besides the recent massive introduction of monitoring technologies and big data of cultivated areas; are only a few indications of the irreversible entry of innovation in Brazil, which is the main producer of the world agricultural genre.

The Good Law promotes a return of up to 27.2% on such investments for the agricultural segment, whose impact of taxes on income.


One of the sectors that contribute most to the Brazilian trade balance with its exports, the companies in the industry should be aware of the possibilities of special regimes that avoid accumulation of credits, besides paying attention to the recording of the inputs of the operation. If on the one hand they do not have immediate liquidity, credits generated with inputs and other supplies are very important to avoid tax disbursements in periods when the exchange rate becomes unfavorable, making domestic sales more attractive. Also, within the scope of our tax diagnosis, hypotheses that can be raised to avoid accumulation or to exit the accumulated credits. Contact us.


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