Law 11.196 / 05 (Good Law) inaugurated in Brazil the greatest evolution regarding the fiscal incentive for technological innovations. The analysis of the requirements for its use and the correct mapping of innovative projects allow companies, even though they do not have a robust R & D department, to enjoy this benefit through innovation projects even if they are pulverized. Family companies have in their DNA the continuous effort to improve their products and processes. With Good Law, up to 27.2% of the expenditures employed in these projects can be returned to the company’s cashier.


Many brands that are now recognized worldwide have emerged from the effort of a single core family, whose immediate goal was mere subsistence, but became major players in the market. In Brazil, we have hundreds of family businesses that daily experience the hostile and inflated legal and tax environment, forcing them to use time and energy in matters that should not be their focus, often hampering the generation of new business and continuous improvement the operation. The professionals of GT Consulting have more than a decade of experience in the tax world, acquired experiencing large audit firms and companies operating in the most varied sectors of the economy, including family. This knowledge framework has brought to GT Consulting the necessary and fundamental expertise so that our clients are precise and technically oriented regarding the fulfillment of their main and accessory obligations, keeping the collection of taxes up to date, in compliance with the legislation, avoiding contingencies and assessments, as well as recovering any amounts collected the greater. In an extremely aggressive and complicated tax environment such as the Brazilian one, the tax advice offered by GT Consulting can increase a company’s profit margins in expressive percentages.


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