The naval segment is characterized using more efficient methods of construction, studies of new materials to increase the useful life of vessels and the possibility of inserting them for a longer time in more hostile environments without the need for maintenance. Other characteristics of this sector are: “nationalization” of projects, study of materials to substitute foreign raw material for domestic raw material and development of own software for operational application.

These activities result in innovation for the segment and in the transfer of technology to the entire production chain and are highly adherent to the concept of Technological Innovation brought by Law 11.196 / 05.

The correct mapping of these projects and their development phases, together with the correct implementation of the fiscal incentive for R & D, brought by Law No. 11.196 / 05, generates a return of up to 27% of the expenses incurred in these projects.


The naval segment is one of the most encouraged in the three state spheres (federal, state and municipal), as well as several special regimes for supplies and suspension of their taxes. The GT presents great expertise in this sector and franchises its clients their knowledge with direct repercussion on the margin of the business and in the optimization of cash flow of the business.


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