New drilling techniques that potentiate well productivity, new data-processing techniques (big data or not) from seismic analyzes for pre-operational purposes to monitoring production variables; new software and features to reduce the uncertainties related to productive aspects; innovations in machinery and equipment for offshore and onshore operations. The reduction of oil prices is an additional tension factor in the adoption of innovative techniques and tools to optimize processes and reduce operating costs of the players involved in the segment.

The Good Law provides a return of up to 27.2% on such investments for the oil and gas segment, whose impact on income tax.


Except for very few activities, the typical characteristics of the Brazilian oil market involve a high tax burden, either in the form of a high percentage of withholding taxes on the segment’s service providers, or expressive aliquots on the value added of capital. Full crediting, timeliness in return or compensation claims are key competitive differentials for the new oil and gas times.

Our team has extensive repertoire of cases in this segment always related to the full attention of the registrable credits in our clients and application of legacy software of the specific GT for the identification of inappropriate values ??in the fiscal and Sped contributions. In addition, the taking of full credits of inputs and the disposal of retained credits is a constant theme of our analyzes and generation of value for our clients.


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